Our Research & Development Department is designed to continually search for new innovations, treatments and medical care methods that are aimed at improving the body's functionality, in order to enhance you quality of life and health.  Our people have a strong desire to do always help and do what is best for your healthcare, in order to deliver the promises that we make.

Xylem Health is a division has various products that have been created to make people’s lives easier. From supplementing a person's diet to assisting with pain management of various ailments. We have supplements that deal with infertility, neuron dysfunction, body/muscle pain, erectile dysfunction and other medical conditions.

Our philosophy at Revel is that if you can’t eat it then you have no business applying it on your skin. If you wouldn’t drink paraffin then why would you apply a cream or oil that has paraffin as an ingredient? Everything you add on your skin gets absorbed into your body and ends up passing through your liver and kidneys.

Amar Laude division imports Brazilian and Indian hair to the country for the purpose of augmenting splendour in females seeking to reinvent themselves. The hair is re-examined sanitized and repackaged for the purpose retailing it. Different types of sizes are organized according to their length, color, texture and nationality.

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About Us

Xylem Health is a South African based Company that houses divisions who's intrinsic purpose is good health. Our focus is on delivering premier health care products, that heal the body while taking care of your image.


Our integrated approach not only helps in improving overall health, but it also reduces the high costs that come with medical care. Our purpose is to improve the health and image of our clientel, through medical care and products that are inherently natural and organic.

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