There tends to be two schools of thought, "supplements are good" and "supplements do more harm than good." So which one is correct?


There is some-what a grey area between the two. Health supplements are intended to supplement your diet with vitamins and nutrients that your current food/meal intake may not be giving your body. Your body requires a myriad of nutrients in order to function well and fight of diseases. Your body can fight off any disease it encounters provided it has the needed nutrients to synthesise the cells and vitamins, such as white blood cells, vitamin D needed by your immune system to fight off infections or diseases, and other immune responses to diseases.

The first thing you need to look at when you purchase health supplements is what are the ingredients but more especially how are the ingredients made, or what are they made from. For example did you know that the vitamin C found in most health supplements is actually synthetic, its not naturally derived from nature. Lets take vitamin C, it is derived from two sources:

Natural: Whole foods, such as vegetables and fruits, i.e. oranges - this is soluble in water

Synthetic: Ascorbic acid (you also find it in nail polish) derived from genetically modified corn


Both forms of vitamin C are chemically identical but your body responds to them in a different way once they are absorbed by your body. Studies have shown that synthetic vitamin C may contribute to the formation of genotoxins that can lead to the formation of cancer in your body, thickening of arteries, reduced endurance and other health complications. Because of this, synthetic vitamin C is not effective in supplementing your body with the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately most supplements don't indicate whether the vitamin C is synthetic or natural. From what we have observed and what studies show synthetic nutrients can be dangerous hence our assertion is that you stay away from health supplements that contain synthetic nutrients, but rather take health supplements that contain natural nutrients.


A lack of vitamin C can cause weak bones, unhealthy teeth and gums, poor immunity, and other deficiency related medical issues. Taking natural vitamin C will benefit your health greatly. Noralex Health Supplements are fully loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients in pill form to support you immune system and repair your body so you can function at optimum. In everyday life the secret to long life is to simply give your body what it craves in order to produce new cells, respond accordingly to new infections, detox you of any toxins that your body might be overloaded with. Make the healthy and natural choice, if its natural and in the right dosages it will elongate your health.

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